Slate UK Canada Goose Emory Parka Coat

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Slate UK Canada Goose Emory Parka Coat – canada goose outlet uk

The Canada Goose uk outlet Parka Emory is a functional coat for use in very cold conditions.
It is designed with sport in mind and is therefore ideally suited for wearing on expeditions or during extensive winter trekking. But even in everyday life and on winter trips to cold climates, it still always provides its same reliable service and keeps you warm! This is taken care of by a whole load of puffy down lining of the best quality. The jacket has been developed in Canada, insulated with Canadian down and produced ??there as well – so its an environmentally conscious product! This factor is heavily underlined once more by the jackets long product life. Because the outer material is a blended fabric with a soft feel, which is extremely durable and resistant against wind, snow and against losing down.
The Emory Parka has a slightly wider cut, so that a warm functional layer can still be worn comfortably underneath. The length is designed for protection and warmth, so the coat reaches down to your things. Two-way zips provide more freedom of movement when you need it.
You can adjust the width of the sleeves and jacket hem. The sleeves also have inner arm warmers, which work tremendously well in combination with gloves. With eight pockets in total, the jacket offers ample storage solutions for warm accessories (scarf, beanie, gloves), provisions (bars, insulated bottle) and the small essential things on tour (phone, map, knife). This also includes two bottom pockets and the two upper pockets with warm fleece lining.
Another of the jackets highlights is the hood. It is adjustable, but outside on the collar, so that this always warms up separately, even when the hood isnt pulled up. The adjustment options at the sides and back can be operated single-handedly. Of course, the hood is also lined with down, but is especially valuable because of its forward-reaching cut and the fur attachment. The cold wont get in your face in angled and side winds and unpleasant snow drifts are staved off by the soft fur.
Despite its simple look, the Emory Parka by Canada Goose is very suitable for touring and even comes with a stowable ankle snow gaiter.
Arctic Tech (85% polyester; 15% cotton); Fur (contains non-textile parts of animal origin)
White duck down 80/20 (625 cu in)
Full-length two-way front zip with outer button placket
Patch pockets; zippered breast pockets; inside pockets
adjustable; Attached hood with fur collar
Packable powder skirt; drawstring in the hem; adjustable cuffs with buttons; arm-warmer cuff
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